Pushrod end dimensions for solid lifter conversion


I just ordered a set of chevy solid lifters with lifter face oil holes. Standard GM lifters have 5/16 inch balls.

I am planning on buying a set of 1st gen rockers from a guy on barnstormers (I believe he's on here as well, Glen) Alternatively I will get a set from Kev from Camit or see if rotec has anything in that regard.

The one question I have is regarding the dimensions of the upper ball for either the jabiru rockers or the CAMit rockers. I believe the hydraulic ones are 5/16" on both ends. I read in one place that the sockets of the CAMit rockers are 8mm, but that might just be a nominal dimension as 8mm and 5/16" are only 2 thou apart. Either option is easy enough with custom pushrods.