So Far Waiting 1.5 months for the throw-over clutch replacement

John Miller

As you may recall, the throw-over clutch on my Gen 4 warranty engine replacement crapped out at 60 usual. The same failure occurred on the earlier Gen 4 so I replaced it with the much better quality Honda part.

When that engine fragmented I pulled out that clutch and sent the engine back with the defective clutch

On this warranty replacement engine the clutch again failed so I call Nick at Jabiru Tennessee and he said he would send a replacement. A month I called to inquire why I haven't received the clutch. He said the parts department should have sent it and would look into it.

Evidently he didn't look too hard since another two weeks have passed with no replacement part. 

If I hadn't saved the Honda clutch I would have been grounded for this time.

I am seeing Jabiru Tennessee as a Mom and Pops facility. We never receive any notices for this company and the only source for updated information is this forum.

John M