Re: Alternator part number for Gen 4 Jabiru 3300

glen english LIST

I was looking at this photo again. jeez.

1) certainly uprating to the highest temp copper wire is an assistance

2) I'd like to see some protection of the wire onto the stator lamination. there look slike plenty of opportunity for a wire not solidified in goop to get onto the lamination. (Mark I will need to come around and get a hands on that stator you have)

3) a little airflow here from the rotating something or other could at 50% to the output capability.


On 5/2/2021 10:15 AM, Sonex 1517 via wrote:
Thanks Glen
one side was open, the other side apx 1700 ohms give or take. This is why I thought it was bad, along with what ai saw. (If you zoom in a bit on the attached the wires appear to be baked)

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