Re: Safety for Jab alternator

Mark Dunstone

Jay, I agree that a part of the solution to the problem of burnt out stators is a better regulator and a fuse on the AC Input side.  But regulating voltage is not needs to limit current as well...particularly if your battery (lithium or lead) can absorb a charge current greater than the stator coil wiring can take.

I remain a little sceptical about the self resetting circuit breaker.  When you have an over-current situation it will switch off, then on again after it has cooled down, and then off again, etc, etc, etc, until the battery no longer takes a charge.  I don’t think they are designed for that.  And unless you are very observant of your voltage and charge current, you in the cockpit won’t be aware of the fault, perhaps not until the blue smoke comes out of tge resetting breaker.  That’s why I like a fuse....if the fuse blows, charge goes to zero, voltage drops to 13.something and you will notice and make an informed decision.  Unless you have EFI or an electrical cabin heater, you should have plenty of time to complete your flight or land at an alternative.

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