Re: Alternator part number for Gen 4 Jabiru 3300

Nigel Stokes

I have followed this topic with keen interest as recently my Dynon has occasionally been exhibiting wildly fluctuating RPMs. I run a Gen3 3300 and have a pick-off wire from one of the alternator output wires via a 1A fuse; this has been reliable and accurate for 300+ hours. As suggested in this forum some time ago I replaced all the original spade connections with more workmanlike connectors which are showing no signs of distress.
I also noticed that on one sector the charging voltage after T/O was way up at about 14.8v for a while, as opposed to the more normal 14.2V.
The stator coils are all looking as new with no indication of overheating.
Are these indications of a possible failing of the originalJabiru provided VR ?
Nigel (Stokes)  UK

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