Re: Oil leak(s)

Mick O'Connor

No holes in my heads or covers (late solid lifter). It’s weird that this leak(s) have occurred straight after top end overhaul. I developed a leak from the rocker shaft on cyl one a few hours ago but new shaft O rings have sorted that. It’s annoying that the source is not obvious and seems to come from the T piece area. I’ll thoroughly clean the area again and run engine for a short time to see if I can locate it. It seems the oil in the rocker lube system is low pressure, so source of leak must quite big, so should be obvious 

On 21 Apr 2021, at 23:15, Mark Dunstone <mark.dunstone@...> wrote:

I forgot to mention that my holy heads came with rocker covers that someone had brazed on a large brass nipple vent as well.  I had to grind them off and TIG up the covers.  It clearly was an attempt to fix something...maybe leaking oil or excessive rocker box/crankcase pressure??

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