Re: Oil leak(s)

Mark Dunstone

Mick, I was thinking rocker shafts too.  There are 3 other possibilities.  1. You already mentioned the rubber T.  2. The stainless tube on the head for the external oil feed might be leaking.   It’s only lightly pressed into the head. 3. Are your heads the ones with a rocker box breather hole drilled from between the fins on the top into the rocker box? These holes are small, around 1mm dia.  If they are those heads, oil might be coming from these holes.

I have these heads on one of my engines, but I converted them to internal pushrod oil feed.  I had to plug the external oil feed inlet (the tubes almost fell out) and the little breather holes.  There was evidence of oil leaking from the breather holes.  The overhaul manual lists which engine serials had these heads and there was a SB about drilling the it’s possible other heads may be holey too.

The external oil feed is low pressure due to a restrictor in the feed line and it just dribbles in and is then splashed around by the moving bits.

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