Re: Oil leak(s)

Mick O'Connor

Thoroughly cleaned suspect areas Removed scoops and ran engine up to temp.
Noted oil collecting on lower rear of each head. Oil seems to be coming from above (circled in phot 2).
The closest oil carrying item near is the oil feed T piece, but this new and after removing clips, looks good.
I’m resigned to removing the heads unless someone has a better idea.
No evidence of leaking pushrod tubes or oil feed pipe to T piece.
I’m flummoxed !

On 18 Apr 2021, at 19:38, Mick O'Connor via <> wrote:

Engine running sweet during ‘break in’ after top end overhaul.
Unfortunately have a small oil leak from push rod tube(s) to head or maybe the head bolt grub screw(s) on no. 2 & 4 ?
Both heads have oil under the rocker cover area, it’s not the rocker cover gasket. Could be one or all 4 tubes ?
Need to investigate to confirm.
New o rings installed at overhaul. Cyls1 & 3 dry.
Anyone had leaky grub screws or tubes ?


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