Re: Oil leak(s)

Rob Turk

I know. It sounds ridiculous. That's where I find my oil from the oil pump. I've used various methods to ensure the oil isn't coming from the heads themselves. The only leak is the oil pump. It ends up everywhere. If you are convinced it's on that side of the engine (#2 and 4), check the oil filter, oil pressure sender, oil cooler adapter etc. They are all on that side.

On 4/18/2021 9:35 PM, Mick O'Connor via wrote:
The oil is where you can run your finger along the lower edge of the head by the rocker cover on 2 & 4. The fuel pump is the other side of the engine !!!!!
I can use my little finger to feel the tips of the push rod tubes and the grub screw.
Oil No where else

On 18 Apr 2021, at 20:29, Jay Scheevel <> wrote:

Glad to here everything is running well. First place I would check is the seals on the rocker axles (o-rings). I have been unable to solve that pesky problem. No leaks anywhere, but I get slow leaking there and have wipe off from time to time.


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Engine running sweet during ‘break in’ after top end overhaul.
Unfortunately have a small oil leak from push rod tube(s) to head or maybe the head bolt grub screw(s) on no. 2 & 4 ?
Both heads have oil under the rocker cover area, it’s not the rocker cover gasket. Could be one or all 4 tubes ?
Need to investigate to confirm.
New o rings installed at overhaul. Cyls1 & 3 dry.
Anyone had leaky grub screws or tubes ?


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