Re: Oil leak(s)

Mick O'Connor

The oil is where you can run your finger along the lower edge of the head by the rocker cover on 2 & 4. The fuel pump is the other side of the engine !!!!!
I can use my little finger to feel the tips of the push rod tubes and the grub screw.
Oil No where else

On 18 Apr 2021, at 20:29, Jay Scheevel <> wrote:

Glad to here everything is running well. First place I would check is the seals on the rocker axles (o-rings). I have been unable to solve that pesky problem. No leaks anywhere, but I get slow leaking there and have wipe off from time to time.


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Engine running sweet during ‘break in’ after top end overhaul.
Unfortunately have a small oil leak from push rod tube(s) to head or maybe the head bolt grub screw(s) on no. 2 & 4 ?
Both heads have oil under the rocker cover area, it’s not the rocker cover gasket. Could be one or all 4 tubes ?
Need to investigate to confirm.
New o rings installed at overhaul. Cyls1 & 3 dry.
Anyone had leaky grub screws or tubes ?


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