Re: Oil leak(s)

Rob Turk

Could be aywhere on the engine. May be the fuel pump, the oil pump, crankshaft oil seal, oil pressure sender, you name it. The air swirling through the cowl can take it from anywhere to the head surfaces. From there it always collects under the head cover as it's the lowest point especially in a tail dragger. It really doesn't have to come from that head or the rocker tubes. I have a minor leak at the oil pump (can't for the life of me get rid of it), and that oil always ends up on the lower side of the heads below the rocker covers. Not even enough to form a droplet but some oil collects in the groves. The leak is not enough to even register on the dipstick so I have accepted it as a fact of life..


On 4/18/2021 8:38 PM, Mick O'Connor via wrote:
Engine running sweet during ‘break in’ after top end overhaul.
Unfortunately have a small oil leak from push rod tube(s) to head or maybe the head bolt grub screw(s) on no. 2 & 4 ?
Both heads have oil under the rocker cover area, it’s not the rocker cover gasket. Could be one or all 4 tubes ?
Need to investigate to confirm.
New o rings installed at overhaul. Cyls1 & 3 dry.
Anyone had leaky grub screws or tubes ?


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