Re: Prop size and blade count survey

Mark Dunstone

Cygnet...90kt cruise, empty weight 250kg.   I run a 60”x44” Sensenich wood prop that Jabiru call their climb prop. 3150rpm for 65kt climb and 800fpm, 3100rpm cruise at 90kts...15lph fuel burn.

Corby Starlet.  I run a 60”x47” wood prop (eucalyptus delegetensis) I made myself.  Climb at 3000rpm 1500 to 2000fpm 65 to 75kts, cruise at 3200 at 108kts, exceeds 3300 at straight and level.....yeh, I know, I need at least another inch of pitch....but geez it’s fun flying, even with the odd over rpm warning light coming on every now and then.

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