Re: Prop size and blade count survey

Lyle Passfield

John I have a standard Jab 60X42 hoop pine laminated prop on my Jodel.
Quite happy with it after a dozen years in service.

 I recently did a silly thing and it was dead easy to repair the prop and re-balance it using rudimentary tools. It’s still tracks within a mm and is now running smoother than ever.

On Wed, 7 Apr 2021 at 23:49, John Miller via <> wrote:
I run a 66" Whirlwind 2 blade prop that was suggested by Pete when he ran Jab in the states. I had been offered a 3 blade Warp drive prop from a friend who was upgrading his Rotax powered Kitfox.

Pete warned that this would have too much polar inertia.

I would like to know what props those on the forum are using on their Jab 2200s.


John M

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