Re: Prop size and blade count survey

John Miller

The do have one and it's a scimitar shaped 66" 2 blade and very smooth and quiet.

By the way I just installed Stol Speed VGs on my Avid MK4 and...OH MY GOD! What a difference.

Stall speeds at idle cruise and full power climb are 15% lower.

John M

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Date: 4/7/21 2:26 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Re: [JabCamit] Prop size and blade count survey

I did not see a ww prop listed for the 2200 jabiru on their website. Only the 3300. Do they have one?

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Date: 4/7/21 9:49 AM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [JabCamit] Prop size and blade count survey

I run a 66" Whirlwind 2 blade prop that was suggested by Pete when he ran Jab in the states. I had been offered a 3 blade Warp drive prop from a friend who was upgrading his Rotax powered Kitfox.

Pete warned that this would have too much polar inertia.

I would like to know what props those on the forum are using on their Jab 2200s.


John M

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