Re: Jabiru 2200 (Ref 22A31_ _) Winding problem

Fernando Mateos


Fernando Mateos Rguez

El 4 abr 2021, a las 19:25, Jay Scheevel <jay@...> escribió:

Can you identify the part number for the screws that are broken using this picture? 19? 24? 20?



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Subject: [JabCamit] Jabiru 2200 (Ref 22A31_ _) Winding problem


I am a Jabiru¨s owner from Spain. 

Jabiru 2200 (Ref 22A31_ _) 

In review of 25 hours (400 total hours) we have appreciated movement of the winding. After removing the spider, 3 of the 4 fastening screws were broken. We plan to repair it with new titanium screws after removing the rest of the threads.

Any experience with this breakdown?




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