Re: Flywheel cap screws

Jay Scheevel

Hi Bob,


Keep in mind that the Belleville washer is a spring with a spring constant that is likely much lower than the spring constant of the bolt itself. Since this is the case, the Belleville washer will be completely flat by the time the bolt is tightened to the required preloading. Once flat, the Belleville washer does not act differently than a flat washer. If the bolt were loose enough for the Belleville spring to come into play, it would already be too loose.




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Hi Mick, this doesn't answer your question either, but are your Nordlocs X type?  if not for a given torque  the HIGHER the tensile rating of the bolts, the SOONER  your flywheel will fall off.

If you have X series Norlocs the Belleville feature within the washer will maintain the tension when the joint settles (as well as preventing the bolt from unscrewing and allowing torque checking and re-torquing.


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